Friday, November 2, 2012

I have a dream!

The other day I was inspired on my prayer walk about a new concept.

What if there was a week during the winter months that the homeless could go away for a retreat/vacation from the streets.

What would that look like?

Our new found Campus Pastor, Travis from Scottsville owns a summer camp just outside of the town on the James River.

The place is called Watermarks Camp.

Travis had shared with me that last year he had made an offer to an organization in Charlottesville, that he would allow the homeless to come and stay at the camp if need be.

The offer was never accepted!

That immediately got me thinking.

Caritas does a night time shelter in Richmond, but during the day the clients are then put back on the street at about 7am until they get picked back up again that evening.

That's a long day with nothing to do!

As the saying goes "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".

The homeless situation is not at all an easy fix!

But let me dream for a moment of a week where a group of homeless folks could go away and experience something different!

A warm bed made available all day long for those who are exhausted!

A phone available to call loved ones.

A time to relax and get rejuvenated.

Three meals a day!

A place to get away from the streets and see a new environment.

Different service providers made available to discuss services such as employment, housing, health issues, etc...

During the day there are opportunities for folks to do things they may never have tried before such as a rousing game of whiffle ball. 

How about driving some golf balls off the tee!

If golf ain't your game how about archery?

Still haven't found your game. How about basketball?

For the real adventuress there is a high ropes coarse!

At nights there is music and singing going on! 

I asked Charles for his thoughts and he liked the idea of allowing folks to see a new environment than the one they have on the streets.

Just maybe someone will see some hope!

I know they will see the love of Christ!

I believe this:

If one life out of the 50+ that came to camp for a week, was changed forever I think it would be a home run!

I am 53 yrs old and I still love the beauty of the country and to play games. I think you are never too old to play.

Now let's go a little further.

What if there was a model of this that worked?

What if all the camps around the city and state for that matter were full during the winter months?

What impact could we have on the homeless situation?

If you are interested in making this happen please let me know!

Summer Camp Teaser from Watermarks Camp on Vimeo.