Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Family Breakfast

February 18, 2015
We will be hosting our THIRD breakfast for our Food Pantry clientele this Saturday, February 21st and could use your help!

We need volunteers to help cook, serve and clean up. We also need folks willing to share a breakfast and offer rides home.

If you can't volunteer, you can still help by donating food for the breakfast.

We are in need of:  potatoes, shredded cheddar cheese,  dozen eggs, large boxes of hot chocolate mix,  large tubs of margarine,  loaves of bread and onions and waffle mix....

Please sign up HERE.

We will start serving around 8 am.

The church is located at 3121 Moss Side Ave Richmond, Va 23222

Enter from the back parking lot.

I would love to see you there!

Nelson Parker

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

That's what I call a labor of love.

I have read a lot about the organization Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

They are doing some amazing work.

It's great to see how the two came together.

Santa Cruz woman builds tiny house, donates to homeless

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Definitions can kill!

The definition of "homeless" has always been a struggle.

In 2013 my friend was NOT considered homeless because he had not been on the streets for 12 consecutive months (the definition).

He had been living in the woods for 10 months and the last two months of the total 12 he was living with me because he was dieing.

He was therefor not eligible for services because he was two months shy of a year!

If he had been left on the streets those two months he would have died.

How do I know this?

The doctor at the time, saw that he had terminal cancer and told him that he was going to die in two months.

The wrong definition can kill!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Afraid to give out your number?

A few months ago I started giving out change and my business cards to people on the streets flying their signs.

The cards had my cell phone number on it.

Many people think I might be crazy giving out my number to complete strangers.

I like to think that I might just be able to save a life.

Every time I give away change or a backpack full of goodies I give out my card and say "Give me a call if you are serious about getting off the streets."

Months went by and no calls.

So much for the theory that I would be flooded with calls.

Then about a week ago I received two calls.

Both calls came indirectly from another person who received my card.

The first was a homeless man who wanted some help. His name was Elijah.

Elijah called me as a result of talking with another man on a bus. Elijah mentioned he needed some help and this man pulled out my card and gave him my name and number.

We got together and I made some suggestions for steps he could take.

I haven't seen him since.

A lot of folks don't want to do what they need to do.

The next call came from a mother who was on the streets with two little boys, two and three years old.

She was walking along and asked a lady for help. The lady pulled out my card and told her to call me. She even let the mother use her cell phone.

I answered the phone when it was my day off.

At first I didn't want to respond because it was inconvenient.

It is amazing how selfish I can be at times, even when a family is on the streets freezing.

I called some friends from church and we pulled together to make something happen.

We moved the family into a house that day for a temporary stay. We are looking for more permanent housing currently.

Not sure if the mom is ready, but we are at least trying.

Non of this is easy or does it go smoothly, but I do know this is what God was talking about when he said "Love your neighbor".