Monday, July 27, 2015

One at a time.

This past week a young lady moved out of the apartment the church had provided for her.

She had been there for several weeks.

She moved into her own place.

She was excited to get back on her feet again.

She started out in a very bad situation of abuse with no place to go.

A friend got her out of that situation and brought her to Richmond.

She got connected with the church and it wasn't long there after that I was honored to baptize her.

No sooner had she moved out, then another person moved in.

After church on Sunday I was introduced to man who had just fallen on hard times.

He had been on the streets for a couple of weeks.

A mutual friend from church brought him to see me.

The love for another is what sparked the coversation.

This man from church cared deeply for the welfare of his neighbor.

You've heard it said "Love your neighbor!"

It was obvious as to what to do.

THE Church can make a difference  in people's lives.

One person at a time!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Grace vs Conditions

Today I was reminded of God's grace. It was not in a way that you might expect.

I didn't do something to someone that I needed forgiveness, but in the long run I did.

I met with a pastor for the first time in Williamsburg. He pastor's a church there.

He has years of experience in working with the poor and homeless.

I was looking to learn what I could.

I got a lot more than I expected!

For month's now, I have put conditions on people coming to the church for benevolence.

People in need of help with utilities and or rent. They have no water or they are about to be evicted. They may even be homeless.

The expectations were, if you come to church we will help you.

What was revealed to me today in my meeting were these questions.

Did God put on me any expectations for His love?

We're there any conditions I needed to meet before he would love me.

Did I have to jump through hoops to receive his Grace?

The answer to these questions is absolute.


So when I meet someone in need, I need to love them where they are at.

I don't need to fix them.

I need to love them.

I need to extend God's grace.

If I am to help financially, then it needs to come with no expectations just God's love.

I need to ask forgiveness for the expectations I have put on people and as a result turned them away from God's face.

They did not see Jesus!

They saw hoops that they were more than willing to jump through to get what they needed.

I need to show them the Love and Grace of Jesus.

NOT Conditions!

Wet housing vs Dry and they are not talking about the weather.